DAIS attends Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit
On June 6, DAIS will be invited to attend the Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit and China International Blockchain Products and Equipment Exhibition which is hosted by Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission and Hangzhou Xihu District People's Government. To discuss with national blockchain elite about the application and development of blockchain technology.
DAIS global roadshow
On May 19, 2018, DAIS public chain global roadshow "DAIS Public Chain 2018 Global Roadshow and Innovation Project Exchange Conference" was successfully held in Hangzhou. It is the first global roadshow for DAIS. This event was organized by DAIS public chain and qukuaidake.
DAIS:Collaborative-Matrix-based Multi-chain data protocol Blockchain ecosystem
DAIS client will mainly focus on mobile ecosystem and builds various applications based on the mobile APP, including the asset management, supply chain, data attestation voting, etc. The mobile ecosystem will be committed to contracting and modularizing applications to simplify the develop on DAIS. Allowing one-click deployment of conventional applications to complete mobile Internet ecosystem. It will also provide more blockchain traffic portals for DAIS and help the blockchain application quickly activates the ecology.
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