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DAIS public chain uses comatrix blockchain (CB) technology as an underlying constituent. CB is a brand new architecture of blockchain technology, of which the focus is solving the problem of underlying public chain performance。The goal of DAIS blockchain is to build a blockchain infrastructure serving personal users as well as enterprise applications, to provide asset management application for personal users, and to provide blockchain technology that can solve practical difficulties for enterprises.

Data layering improves the capacity. Register application provides domain names to reduce existing wallet addresses or contract addresses. Application distributing service provides diverse applied services in the form of P2P network. Application development framework provides developer the platform to develop applications on DAIS.
Data layering
Data layering can be divided into two layers. The basic data include users' accounts, contracts, etc. This will be saved into blocks. The application data store them by the fragment to improves the capacity and stability of data processing.
Register application
Account address is a prolonged and meaningless string, which is not user-friendly. Register application provides domain names bound with existing wallet addresses or contract addresses, to improves the user-friendliness of our platform.
Application distributing
DAIS can dock with various DAPP. By ranking algorithm and classification algorithm, to show the order and the classify of DAPP. DAIS provides application distributing through this algorithms and the P2P network.
Application development
DAIS public chain introduces its own application development. Its effect is to help developers deploy smart contracts and mount front-ends on deployed smart contracts, which can simplify the development process on DAIS public chain.
Network Characteristics
Adopted multi-chain concurrent storage architecture to make best use of software and hardware resources, in order to improve block generating rate and transaction rate.
It uniformly classifies nodes on DAIS public chain. Due to comatrix structure, there are multiple chains in parallel and they can ensure randomness.
Transaction classification algorithm
By the classification algorithm to classifies and assigns data such as transactions to different chains for processing and balancing the load on each subchain.
Data layering mechanism
Basic data will be saved into predefined blocks for important data. Application data will be scattered into fragments and stored by the fragment.
Smart contract
DAIS public chain has innovations and improvements based on Ethereum smart contract, enhances the encapsulation, and adds componentization for smart contract.
Due to the solid support of public chain underlying network and the componentized smart contract deployment in commercial scenarios improving the possibility, rate, efficiency, and profit of putting commercial applications into practice on DAIS public chain.
Supply chain
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